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About Us

Well, we are long time friends and family who share a love for music. But most importantly we are brothers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we are incredibly blessed to be able to share our music with you. Thank you so much for your support.


Music has the power to comfort the soul, heal the heart, and lift the human spirit.  AMANAKI has taken the powerful influence of music and use it as a means to share the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Savior's message is one of compassion, hope, faith, and enduring to the end.  In that spirit, AMANAKI hopes that their music will strengthen those who follow the Savior, give hope to those who seek the Savior, and perhaps remind those who may have forgotten the Savior that He loves them. AMANAKI songs are composed and arranged by Sailiata Fano, Jr. He performs alongside is AMANAKI brothers: Junior Maile, Maka Aulava, Jared Keo, Travis Uale, and Spencer Saena. Their music is inspired by the amazing Christ-like examples of many. AMANAKI is the Tongan word that means “hope”. May their music remind us that we will always find hope in our Savior.

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