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AMANAKI Music Concert
October 10, 2021

Welcome to our music concert this evening! We hope you will enjoy the music, and that you'll feel the spirit through tonight's performance. Below is the outline for our program. Thank you for being here with us tonight.

Presiding and conducting: Bishop Jared Edwards
Opening Hymn: #301, I Am a Child of God
Opening Prayer: TBA

Testimony: Maka Aulava

*I Love My Savior
Keni Vuki

**I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus

   Junior Maile 

*Fight The Good Fight


*Angels Among Us

 Lori Fano

Testimony: Tautai Fano

**Where Can I Turn For Peace

   Spencer Saena

*Is There Room


*Light Of the World

 Kelly Tufuga

*Here I Am Lord


Testimony: Sailiata Fano, Jr. 

*His Promise

 Junior Maile

Closing remarks: Bishop Jared Edwards 

**Love One Another


Closing Prayer: TBD


"Though it may seem that you are alone, angels attend you. Though you may feel that no one can understand the depth of your despair, our Savior, Jesus Christ, understands. He suffered more than we can possibly imagine, and He did it for us; He did it for you. You are not alone." - Thomas S. Monson

* Music & lyrics written by Sailiata Fano, Jr.
** Arrangement by Sailiata Fano, Jr.

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